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Why are you in business?

The other day I was discussing entrepreneurship with a friend who owns her own business. During the course of our conversation I mentioned that people who are really happy “follow their bliss.” This simple comment, made in passing, prompted my friend to email me later that evening, asking where I had heard this quote.

To be honest, I was a little surprised that she hadn’t heard it before. I don’t remember where or when I first heard the quote, but I went looking and found that it is attributed to Joseph Campbell, an American writer, researcher, and lecturer.

It’s possible that being so focused on “making it” can consume your life. Many small-business owners I know are absolutely obsessed with their companies: they work long hours, rarely taking vacations or time off, and they pour their hearts and souls into their work. In fact, they are so dedicated to their businesses that they “talk shop” even when they’re at home, or out with family and friends. This way of life never becomes monotonous for them because they are so excited and passionate about what they do. Their work doesn’t just feed their wallets; it feeds their spirit.

Of course, it’s also possible for the opposite to happen. You can become so focused on “making it” that you forget why you got into business in the first place. You may get so caught up in the minutiae of balance sheets, HR issues, and finding your next client that you lose your passion and lose sight of your greater goals.

It is possible to strike that fine balance that keeps us happy, yet focused on results and growth. Those rare moments when we lose our equilibrium can be quite stressful, but they make life worth living and keep us on our toes. Let’s face it – business wouldn’t be quite so exciting without a challenge, right?

Do you think work/life balance makes you a better business owner, parent, or spouse? How do you achieve this precarious balance? What does it mean to “follow your bliss”? Let us know in the comments below!

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Harvey Specter
Posted at 4:27 pm October 7, 2009
kristin thompson

I love what I do. I am a new business owner and new mom (can you say KEY-RAZY!) While I am pushed to my max on a regular basis, I love being in charge of my own day, I love training other professionals and showing them all the great things they are truly capable of doing.

It inspires me and I start my days more fired up than ever!

Life is short. Follow Your Bliss.

    Harvey Specter
    Posted at 9:52 am October 8, 2009

    Being a new mom is crazy, Kristin. Being fired up upon waking is a great way to live! Thanks for commenting.

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