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Google has a very strict no-spam and no-malware policy when it comes to the sites that they allow to advertise. Because of that, we cannot place sites that have viruses or other malware. This issue comes up from time to time, so I wanted to address it here.

The above picture is the warning that Google gives people when they are surfing the Web and click on a search result that may contain malware.

Malware can be added to your website by downloading templates for your site or in code installed for various applications, according to Google’s help forums.

Common symptoms of malware can include:

  • unwanted URL redirects
  • pop-up ads
  • altered Google search results
  • the addition of unwanted browser toolbars or side-search bars
  • slow speeds

Note that even if your site does not contain malware, pop-ups and slow speeds can make Google’s automated bots think that your site may contain malware.

When we sign up a new client, Google checks that person’s site to make sure that there is no malware. If Google suspects that there is, they will not allow us to place your site in the sponsored link results.

If we tell you that Google has detected malware on your website, you’ll need to have your webmaster remove the malware, and then request a manual review by visiting Google Webmaster Tools. Until that happens, Google will simply not allow us to advertise your site for you.

In their help forums, Google links to a number of services that can be used to detect and remove malware from a website. Neither Google nor can vouch for these sites’ usefulness, but they are popular services.

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