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Some time ago a company came to us with an AdWords budget of $10,000 per month. This company had been managing its own AdWords campaign for years. They were making money, but their profits had been shrinking as their per-click costs gradually edged up over the years.

We were able to make some pretty dramatic changes with that client’s account. By making some adjustments to the keywords they were targeting, lowering their spend on the Google Content Network (which wasn’t getting them anything anyway), and implementing some ad text changes, we improved their overall sales and dropped their AdWords costs to $7,000 per month, including our fee for managing the account. They were amazed and grateful.

Hiring a company to manage your AdWords campaign can make a dramatic difference in your results. Whether you hire or another company to manage your AdWords campaign there are some great reasons to outsource your day-to-day activities.

They’re certified and you’re not. Google has an AdWords Qualified Company program that certifies individuals at companies. These people must take a test that demonstrates knowledge and experience using AdWords.

They’ve seen it all. AdWords management companies frequently work with companies from all over the world and in many different industries. These companies have an outsider’s perspective on your advertising and can make calls that you are either too afraid to make or don’t even know about. NetBiz has served over 20,000 small-business customers in the last three years. We’ve seen nearly every AdWords scenario.

Their campaigns are stronger. Part of your AdWords quality score is dependent on past performance. Good AdWords management companies are those with several years of highquality performance. Since the bid to be at the top of the results is directly tied to your quality score, this lowers the average costperclick and makes it easier for your ads to show up higher on the page.¬†Also, if your campaign was disabled because you violated Google’s Terms and Conditions, an AdWords management company may be able to get your account reinstated.

More access. AdWords management companies that meet certain revenue marks are granted an account management team at Google. They actually have someone at Google that they can call when something goes wrong, which is something the average AdWords user does not have. NetBiz, of course, has an Account Management team.

More eyes are better. Most small businesses have just one person who manages the AdWords account, and usually that person also does several other things. AdWords management companies have teams of certified employees who review all accounts regularly. At NetBiz all of our client accounts are seen by three people within the first week, and reviewed regularly to make sure that they are performing well.

Any questions on why you should hire an AdWords Management Company? Let us know in the comments.

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