Why is it important to optimize landing pages?

Your website is an online sales tool. As such, a variety of online marketing strategies can be used to direct consumers to different pages of your site. The home page may be a general representation of your brand, but other pages of your site should be used to purvey specific products and services. Each diverse page should be leveraged to attract and convert customers based on specific product emphasis. For example, a German Shepherd breeder might have a page for puppies and a page for adult dogs. These two landing pages should be treated uniquely in terms of keywords. It wouldn’t make sense for a customer who is looking for full-grown German Shepherds to land on the “puppies” page of the site.

Therefore, it is important to:

a) Optimize specific landing pages for relevant keywords

b) Advertise specific landing pages for relevant keywords

Think of your site as a mansion that has many entrances. Multiple entrances equate to more visitors since entry is not limited to the front door. By optimizing your specific landing pages, you’re increasing the likelihood of targeted customers entering your site.

Optimizing Landing Pages for Organic Search Rankings

These simple steps will help you in implementing on-page SEO for your landing pages:

Conduct Keyword Research

  • Take a look at the different pages of your site that you’re looking to market

  • Define each specific page by its products or services

  • Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and determine which keywords you would search to find that specific product offering

  • Use keyword tools and Google Suggestions to confirm relevancy

  • Choose two to three keywords to emphasize on each page, and implement them into page title, content, and internal linking


Optimizing Landing Pages for Paid Search


When advertising your landing pages on search engines, follow these steps to increase the effectiveness of your ads:

  • Formulate campaigns that align with keywords used for SEO

  • Align site copy with upstream ad copy to improve conversions

  • Improve conversions by testing different site designs



Search engine marketing is all about targeted Web traffic. With these simple concepts, you can begin improving the quality of your traffic and the efficiency of your website as a sales tool. For further questions, contact one of our online marketing consultants. NetBiz offers a variety of services that can save you both time and money.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 4:48 pm March 9, 2011

Nice usefull article. I just learning seo and I’ve got a lot of new things here. Thanks for sharing.

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