Take any opportunity you can to stand out from your competition.

With the nationwide real estate market still in decline, agents in every region are looking for new ways to do more with less – especially when it comes to marketing. With social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook readily available, agents can spend minimal time each week connecting, sharing and developing their business. Here are some of the greatest benefits of this practice to those in this field:


    1. Create Your Online Persona: More than ever, people are finding their real estate agents online, as opposed to the old methods of searching in the phone book or looking at highway billboards. This new method requires the development of your Internet identity. Everything from your profile picture to the style of writing used in your profile is a chance to show people who you are.  Not every post needs to be about your business; you could write about your weekend plans, interests, television or movies you’ve seen.  If someone is going to utilize your services, they need to trust you – and if they feel they know and relate to you, this is more likely to happen.


    1. Find Buyers & Sellers:  Through creative content and an active online presence, you can easily begin conversations with people interested in your local market, your listings, and your business.  But, you have to actively search them out, too! You can easily do Twitter searches to find out who’s talking about your industry, join discussion groups on LinkedIn, or find other agents on Facebook.


    1. Build Relationships: Once you have created an online persona and found followers, fans or friends – how do you keep them? Engaging regularly is crucial – ask open questions of your Twitter followers or Facebook friends. Respond to their posts or engage in discussion about topics and trends in the field. When you have clients asking specific questions of you in your region, Twitter/Facebook/blogs are perfect for this kind of discourse. Logging on once a month will not do it – this must be a regular activity and priority for you.


    1. Share Relevant Content: Have you seen or written recent articles regarding your market? Are there nationwide or regional trends you would like to discuss? This information not only helps potential clients and colleagues understand the market, but also shows that you are interested in having the most up-to-date information guiding your business decisions.


  1. Go Both Local & Global: Though local marketing is ideal, it can often be costly to expand your presence outside of your state or region. By engaging in online communities you can do this easily and inexpensively, and all from the comfort of your computer screen.

In this climate, you have to take any opportunity you can to stand out from your competition. Social media tools are often free, are always easy to access, and they provide an invaluable service for those working in such a competitive field.

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