We all know that Twitter is one of the most powerful tools on the Internet. And with its popularity growth over the last few years, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of thesocial networking site, or who hasn’t set up an account of their own. For those who have the basics down, and want to utilize its full potential – here are a few tips that can help you.

Check yourself out: Look at your stream and ask yourself if you would consistently be interested in the things you’re posting. Chances are if you’re constantly posting links to outside websites, replying to inquiries or discussing businesses – you’re boring. Talk about nationwide news, weekend plans, or generic information that can engage a larger audience.

Use lists: Though many people are unsure of the use, the lists tool on Twitter can help you manage groups of people you follow. Clients, colleagues, college friends, celebs – separate them into categories to make your daily Twitter check much easier! When someone sees you’ve added them to a list, that is another indication to them that you’re engaged and watching. This can be great if you’re following others in the industry, or those that you’re interested in collaborating with.

Hashtag It up: Hashtags like #twitterhelp, #justinbeiber, and #iphone4 at the end of a tweet help link you to others who are talking about the same topics. Click on a hashtag you like to see the stream of folks talking about the same topics. This makes it really easy to connect at conferences, networking events or the Harry Potter premiere!

Use Twitter Search: The Twitter Search tool is outstanding. Not only can you search for your company name to find out about complaints, praise, and discussion about your brand – you can look for your competitors. What are their clients saying? What are *they* saying? You can also search for hashtags, phrases, people, groups, services and products. This search is live – so as you’re searching, if more comments pop up – you’ll be the first to know.

Load pics and video: Linking your Twitter account to your smart phone enables you to use services like TwitPic or TwitVid to load pictures and video of company celebrations, personal trips to a concert or new product into your twitter feed. These services embed a link to the media into your tweet so you won’t have to worry about losing your 140 characters. Add variety to your tweets and prove you’re not in your office 24/7.

Video from Twitter

Use Tweetdeck: Use services like Tweetdeck to organize lists, keep your brand search open at all times, and make your daily viewing more efficient.

Welcome the n00bz: Say hello to colleagues or clients who are late in jumping on the bandwagon. Make sure you say hi to new followers and engage them so they are more likely to stay around!

Have fun!: Yes, Twitter is a valuable business tool; but it should also be fun. Follow your favorite celebrities, authors, sports stars, and journalists. Ask questions of your followers and respond to theirs. Give your brain a break for 10 minutes a day and read Ashton Kutcher’s entire Twitter feed. Go ahead. Do it.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 12:44 pm December 6, 2012

It’s a psleaure to find someone who can think so clearly

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