Last week when Twitter released their latest design change allowing users the ability to display a Header Image, I was excited. Excited that I could upload my own and excited that brands could showcase theirs too. I was so excited that I wrote an article detailing the Twitter Header Image Dimensions in hopes that it would prompt others to adopt this fantastic new feature.

But you you know who wasnt excited about the update? 92 out of the top 100 brands in the world…

As Mashable reported on September 24th 2012, only 8 of the world’s top 100 brands have taken the time to update their Twitter profile and include a cover photo. I’m not sure if they are just behind with their brand management or if they really don’t see the value of this visual improvement. Instead of being stupefied by the non adopters, lets celebrate a few excellent Twitter Header Image Examples from some leading brands.

Red Bull

@redbull showcases its brand in a simple way with powerful imagery. Notice how their bio in white text stands out against the black in the bottom half of their Twitter Header Image.

twitter cover photo header image examplesUS Navy

@USNavy demonstrates their prowess with a picture of their strongest warships at sea. Though they could have aligned the air-craft-carrier to the right so it wouldn’t be covered by their profile image. They may want to update their profile image too for that matter, but I still like the idea.



@Twitter keeps it simple with a textured background featuring their branded Twitter blue. Very clean imagery here showing it doesn’t take much to get your point across. Being Twitter also helps…



As an Oregonian I have to give some props to @Nike and their Twitter header image. However, can you name the covered athletes in the middle of the picture? Netiher can I. So how do you avoid your profile picture from covering an important part of your header image? Combine the two like our next example.

nike-twitter-header-imageRyan Seacreast

@RyanSeacrest took Twitter’s latest design change to a whole nother level. Be advised, unless people can instantly associate your face with your brand, you may want to leave this example to the celebrities. Also, though this example looks great on a desktop keep in mind that your Twitter header will not display with the same image alignment on mobile platforms.

seacrest twitter header example

I know I jumped at the chance to update my own Twitter Header image. Do you think it’s important for brands to be in line with emerging social media trends, or should they just take a “wait and see” approach? Let me know in the comments below!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 8:15 pm November 22, 2012
Subodh Sarkar

Excellent information about the new Twitter Header. We are a Kolkata, India based web design company.
Hope to see more similar updates.
Thanks and regards,
Subodh Sarkar,
B.Tech (Hons), IIT, Kharagpur, India.

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