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Instructographic – Facebook External Referrers

Welcome to our first ever Social Media Instructographic! This particular one will cover Facebook, however we plan to release these occasionally and cover other social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

How are you gaining new fans? Where are they coming from and what content of your Fanpage is the most appealing? These are all questions that your Facebook Insights can tell you using the Reach Section and navigating to the bottom of the page to  External Referrers. Once you know the activity your fans have with your page you can optimize your tabs, highlight content and strategize campaigns to improve your fan page engagement.

This Social Media Instructographic will quickly go over how to find out which external referrers are generating the most traffic to your your Facebook page as well as what particular parts of your page your fans are viewing.

social media instructographic

Hopefully you enjoyed our first Social Media Instructographic!

Source: YouTube – Facebook External Referrers Video Tutorial

Harvey Specter
Posted at 5:55 am December 28, 2012
Jane Frankland

I love this instructographic. Thanks for producing it. I’ll be sharing it with my followers as it’s really easy to follow.

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