With the recent launch of Linkedin’s new company pages, a facelift for personal pages was bound to happen sooner than later. Today Linkedin just revealed a new look for personal profiles and if you’ve logged in recently you’ve probably seen that the new update is based on invites only. So make sure to request your invite early and reserve your place in the waiting line – after all with 175 million members on the professional network you better believe that the longer you wait the worst off you are.

Though the promotional page dedicated to their new launch leaves me with more questions than answers, I’ll quickly go over a few of the new features and speculate about what improvements they may bring.

Linkedin boasts that the new design will “Bring your experience, skills and accomplishments to life” but that has yet to be decided, so without further ado, here are the exciting new features:

Improved Page Design

Making a great first impression is undoubtedly a key factor on whether or not that recruiter contacts you and now more than ever these first impressions are taking place online. Linkedin’s new profiles will provide visitors the most important information about you right off the bat and you’ll notice your profile picture is now much more prominent so make sure your head-shots are up to date.

linkedin new profiles

Make a great first impression


Share your Activity

It’s been said that sharing just one article or update on what you’ve been doing as a status update on Linkedin each week can dramatically increase your visibility. With that being said, Linkedin’s new profiles highlight those updates in order to promote conversation on your page.

linkedin new profile activity

Start a Conversation


Tell your Story

Let’s face it, everyone loves a good story. With Linkedin’s new profile design highlighting your previous work has never been so appealing. Though I can’t exactly determine whether or not the red and blue ¬†buildings associated with each separate job are chosen or assigned randomly, the addition of the visual element keeps me much more engaged. This portion of your new profile will also detail your education background as well as your skills and expertise that you have been endorsed for.

linkedin new profiles job description

Tell your Story


Build Relationships

Your connections on Linkedin are some of the most valuable networks you can have. That is of course if you’ve remained¬†professional¬†and kept your connections to only those you have previously worked for, worked with, or would like to gain industry knowledge from. Sure a network of 500+ connections looks great, but if none of those lead to endorsements, engagement, or recommendations how is that going to help you land your dream job? Linkedin’s new profiles now make it easier than ever to connect and build those relationships. These connections also have their own reserved spot on your profile, though I wonder if only those who you engage with regularly on the platform will be displayed.

linkedin profile new connections network

Showcase your Network


I am very excited about Linkedin new profiles and I have already requested my invite. Are you excited as well? Do you think any improvements were actually done? Or do you think this is just a fresh coat of paint to generate more buzz for the network? Let me know in the comments below!

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