It’s every bloggers dream to “strike gold” with each blog they publish – to hit that Number One spot on Google and reap the reward of organic traffic. When it comes to blogging about social media and online marketing trends, you better believe with each new platform update, tool, or launch announcement there will be a flood of “how to’s” and “overviews” from trend spotters and other established bloggers in the industry.

Striking “SERP” Gold

This presents an obvious problem when it comes to staking your claim in the SERPs and reminds me of an event that took place in 1948.

For you non-history buffs, 1948 was the beginning of The California Gold Rush; during which the news of gold brought some 300,000 people to California from across the United States and abroad. What started off as just a rumor soon became waves of “forty-niners”, gold mines, and ultimately once the rumors were confirmed, came the beginning of San Francisco.

Today it’s obvious that content marketing has become a must have component of any marketing mix. In part this means providing a resource that answers a question and is sharable. “How to” articles are one of the best (and easiest) forms of content to produce. The trick is publishing your article first. Now, what does the Gold Rush of 1948 have to do with blogging today?

How we “Struck Gold”

Remember last week when Pinterest unexpectedly launched Business Pages? I sure do. I was just about to published our weekly social media tutorial web series, the “Social Media Minute” covering a new Twitter feature to our company YouTube page…

Then I saw it…

A post from Mashable announcing “Pinterest Company Pages” and how a conversion from a personal account to a business account was possible. What I didn’t see was a description of how to go about it or an outbound link to more information on the conversion process.

Just like in 1948, with Mashable’s posts, a rumor had been confirmed and that meant every blogger and their mother would soon be writing a how-to guide on the new feature to get on the coveted first page of search results. Here lies the challenge:

Even though I had already finalized a “Social Media Minute” capitalizing on another recent announcement, creating the first video tutorial on how to perform the conversion was likely to gain significantly more valuable traffic and bring more awareness to our YouTube page since we had the unique opportunity to be one of the first to publish on the subject. The choice was clear.

SERP Gold had been found and I jumped at the opportunity and rushed over to our videographer Jeff with the news.

Though this meant he’d have to edit an entirely new episode in a short amount of time, Jeff agreed it would be a good idea to switch gears. I’m sure me shouting “It will go VIRAL” over and over again had something to do with his willingness to edit an entirely new video tutorial the day it was suppose to air (not an inconsiderable amount of work).

The Results

Within an hour Jeff had produced the new episode on “Converting to a Pinterest company page” and had it published to our YouTube page. Along with timing, the keywords we included in both the title and description of the video were also going to be very important. With timing, keywords, and a quality piece of video content we brought back a few gold nuggets in return.


Video Stats for two Days

The following two days after the announcement of Pinterest Company pages and our video launch, we gained:

  • 2 favorites added
  • 4 new subscribers

Another added benefit to striking while the proverbial iron is hot was that other bloggers began to reference our video in their own publications covering the Pinterest update. For example, looking into our YouTube analytics we found three other sites that were referring traffic to our channel.

The extra exposure provided by these sites introduced our social media tutorial series to a brand new audience that may have never heard about us otherwise. Our video also ranked high to search engines which brought organic traffic but more importantly we showed our current subscribers that we were an authority on the topic since we were the first to create and share a video tutorial.

Though our results may not be seen as hitting the “Mother Load” to a more established news source like Mashable, the rush of capitalizing on an emerging trend and reaping the above benefits (without spending a dime) made me feel like I was back in 1948 striking gold for the first time.

Has your content ever Struck SERP Gold in your niche? Do you agree with my comparison of the rush to produce this form of content to the Gold Rush? How do you beat your competition to the punch? Let me know in the comments below!

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