Instructographic: How to get followers to subscribe to a company Facebook page

Beat Facebook Edgerank and Reach more of your Fanbase by Asking your fans to subscribe to your company page updates. Follow this helpful social media Instructographic that covers step-by-step how to subscribe to a company Facebook Page. Feel free to share this with your fans to help them along.

For Facebook users, subscribing to a company’s Facebook Page is also a great way to never miss an update from your top brands. Not only will your receive a Facebook notification about the update in real time within the platform (seen on mobile too), you will also receive a push notification to your email if you have your notification settings set up that way.

Remember, your page updates should be engaging content for your fans wether that be video, articles, quotes, or pictures.

If you ask fans to subscribe to your page you better be ready to provide the best content around and not over-do your promotional posts.

Good luck!


Subscribe to a company Facebook page: Instructographic

What are some reasons why you would Subscribe to a Company’s Facebook Page? What pages have you subscribed to?

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