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Head in the clouds?

Technology has been an extremely important part of the business world since its introduction. In order to succeed businesses are embracing cloud apps for business operations to give them a leg up on the competition. They understand that industries that do not adapt to new technology will fail.

The advent of cloud computing is a great step forward for technology, and can prove to be extremely helpful for small business owners and decision makers. There are a number of cloud apps for business that can help businesses to run more efficiently and effectively.

Here’s my list of the top 5 cloud apps for business:

1. OfficeTime

This app essentially eliminates paperwork. Dubbed by PCMag as the small business owner’s best friend the idea behind OfficeTime is that it will keep track of all billable hours, expenses, and can generate invoices. It can also show the costs minute by minute, or show numbers in a more rounded figure. OfficeTime allows you to choose categories, projects, and line items then gives you the ability to time your work. This cloud app for business proves more than capable of being helpful for any kind of business.

2. Adobe Connect

This full-featured customizable web conferencing app is proving to be one of the best available. It can fit many small businesses needs because of its robust set of features. It is easy to learn, simple to use, and is compatible with most major operating systems including: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and even Blackberry. This versatile cloud based app makes web conferencing a breeze.

3. Professional Edition is a CRM leader and they used their competencies to develop a very useful cloud app for business. Some key features include email marketing campaign assistance, real-time data sharing, and custom dashboards. Professional Edition is not only full featured, but it is easy to use and customize, which lends to it being a very efficient app.

4. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a do-it-all app available to iPhone users. This app is especially useful for invoice management, has an intuitive expense tracking system, and also allows you to actively interact with your customers. Overall, FreshBooks is easy to use, intuitive, and is great for small businesses with a wide range of needs.

5. Intuit Online Payroll Plus

Hailed as the most advanced online payroll app Intuit Online Payroll Plus not only offers a very simple interface, but is also known for its great technical support that is even available on weekends. It provides a great value to a business owner, as it is also comparatively cheap among apps of this kind.

There are many cloud apps for business available today. Cutting the inefficient manual paperwork from day to day operations is becoming essential to remain competitive. In order to keep running efficiently and effectively businesses will continue to rely more on apps in the future.

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Mac Connolly has worked for various well-known brands in the technology industry for the past 25 years. He is currently working with Melbourne Server Hosting as a freelance writer sharing his experience of technology and the advances within green hosting and data centers.

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