If you’ve been paying attention to digital marketing this last year, you’ve heard the tagline “Content is King.” The saying has been around for decades, but 2015 will be a huge year for content marketing, maybe the biggest yet. Businesses and marketers everywhere are recognizing that producing content can provide great returns for businesses. But it has to be the right content. And the right content marketing strategy. With high quality content that’s appropriately targeted and distributed through proper channels, you can see improved social media engagement and increased amounts of inbound traffic for your website. Both of which can lead to increased sales and conversions.

Facebook’s Audience Insights tool is a great way to get to know your audience and drive better content marketing results. This tool uses anonymized data from Facebook collected from users and matches it with professional marketing data from their data mining partnerships (like Acxiom) to build a detailed profile of users’ demographic information, interests, lifestyles, income, jobs/profession, device usage, and even spending and purchasing habits. This aggregated information can be used to create what they call a “custom audience”. Facebook created their custom audience tool to create an effective platform for their advertisers and to drive Facebook’s revenues. But you can use this information to build a highly effective content marketing strategy. Thanks Facebook.

Using Facebook's Custom Audience Tool to grow Content Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Facebook’s Custom Audience tool can help you grow your Content Marketing Strategy.

Here are a few ways to use Facebook’s custom audience tool to help you analyze your own audience and produce better content for your content marketing strategy:

1. People Who Have Liked Your Facebook Page

Do you already have a following on Facebook? Then this is a great place to start with the Custom Audience Insights tool. Get to know the audience that engages with your Facebook page to create content that they will engage with and share. This enhanced engagement is vital to the success of your Facebook presence.

All Facebook “likes” are not created equal

If someone likes your page but your content doesn’t get them to engage, Facebook’s algorithm will determine that your content isn’t relevant and show it less and less. Eventually, you will lose your reach until they engage with your page again. Look at your audience insights every two to three months to measure changes in your audience. When your audience changes, so should your content and engagement strategies.

2. E-mail Lists

You can build a custom audience if you have an e-mail list. If your e-mail list is filled with people who have purchased from you, or have shown interest in your offering, then these are the people you want to target. Analyze this audience, learn more about them, and build out your content marketing strategy with high quality content that appeals to them. Once you get a chance to analyze your e-mail list, your e-mail marketing will be more effective because you’ve gained better knowledge of who your average subscriber is and what they care about.

Pro Tip: It’s almost always recommended to include links to your social media in your e-mail marketing communications. Many people gloss over them, but it never hurts to increase your chances at growing your social media following.

3. Website Visitors

Add a “Custom Audience Pixel” to your website and learn more about your site visitors. The Custom Audience Pixel is a small portion of code that allows you to build a custom audience of people who have visited a certain page on your site. You can put a custom audience pixel on your homepage so you can analyze your average site visitor. You can then use information about these site visitors to build content that appeals specifically to them. Once you get a lot of good demographic information, you can create the content of your landing pages to appeal to different demographic groups to control user flow.

Content Marketing is better when you know more about what your audience wants.

Improve sales and conversions with content marketing that resonates with your audience.

The custom audience tool can be used in many ways. Get creative. If you have a “Thank You” page for contact form submissions or online purchases, you should put a Custom Audience Pixel on that page too so you can analyze people who have converted on your site. You can then use this information to target your content marketing efforts to customers with the intent of increasing repeat business. For example, if you get sales from your e-mail list and your best way to get repeat business is for purchasers to join your e-mail list, then build out content that resonates with an overwhelming interest of your “converted” custom audience. Then distribute this new message through your e-mail receipt or put it (and an e-mail signup option) on your “Thank You” page.

Understand Your Audience for More Success with Content Marketing

Facebook’s Custom Audience Insights tool is a great way for you to optimize your content for your different channels. If you can increase the effectiveness of the content you’re publishing, you can get ahead and stay ahead even after we reach the point of content saturation.

Creating high quality content can be expensive, and if there’s no demand for your content, or if it’s not targeted toward your community or customers, then you run the risk of wasting the effort and resources you spent to create that content. But that’s where the challenge lies. Content marketing isn’t easy. Understand the people behind the traffic you’re getting and you’ll be able to target your content to engage the audience associated with each of your marketing channels more effectively. Figure out who your audience is for each channel, and tailor your content marketing strategy around that. Ultimately you’ll save yourself time, money, and effort.

Have questions, comments, or stories to tell about your experiences with content marketing? You can comment below, or start a dialogue with me on Twitter @HariantoMichael or LinkedIn.

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