Trying to build a community around your Facebook page? Growing your Facebook community can be extremely challenging, but these seven growth hacking strategies will help you get started. Whether you have an established page lacking the reach or connections you’re looking for, or you’re just getting started on a community page, these ideas and strategies can help you boost your engagement and grow your Facebook page.

Grow Your Facebook Page with a Plan

Social media marketing presents a different set of challenges than other marketing channels. It can also be much more rewarding. That’s why I’m always so excited to talk social media- with social, you have a unique opportunity to build relationships with your customers.

Grow a Facebook page strategically

Develop a plan to grow your Facebook page

If you look at the most successful social media campaigns, they boil down to three simple elements:

  1. Storytelling
  2. Getting People Excited
  3. Keeping The Connection Alive

If you stay consistent with your social media strategy, and each action you perform follows one or more of these fundamentals, then you are building a foundation for success. Make sure each action you take with your social media strategy is guided by at least one of these foundational elements.

Know Your Audience

Figure out who your target audience is, and tailor your strategy around that. Do some research and ask questions:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What do they like about your product/solution/service?
  • When are they active on social media?
  • What other platforms do they use?

If you don’t know too much about who your target audience is, start by asking them. If you have loyal customers, ask them if you can ask them a few questions so you can serve them better. If you’re doing post-purchase surveys to measure customer satisfaction, add some questions that will help you shape your social media strategy.

To grow your page, Facebook’s Audience Insights tool is also a great way to get to know your audience. This tool can give you a wealth of data about your customers and community based on Facebook’s collected user data and data from their data mining partnerships. I recently wrote a blog post with 3 ways you can use this tool to build out content.

If you don’t yet have a great idea who you are targeting to grow your Facebook page, you might also try developing a buyer persona to better hone in on your target audience.

High Tech, High Touch

Connect your off-line presence with your Facebook page. Contemplate adding social links to your business cards, receipts and product labels. If you have a physical location, look at using a display with QR Codes that link to social pages and see if it boosts your social audience. Every little bit helps.

Cross Promote

Find other pages on the social-scape that are partners with your business or share your business’ target markets, ethics and values. Think about Nike’s relationships with the athletes it sponsors. The content on the pages differ a lot, but once in a while, you’ll see LeBron James post some Nike related content or you’ll see Nike post a LeBron James highlight. The cross promoting you do on social media probably won’t be this easy. Do some research. What pages would make sense to partner with? “Like” their page and reach out to the admin. Discuss about why cross promoting makes sense for both of you, build a relationship with them and their brand and then make arrangements to share each other’s content.

Content, Content, Content!

We’re in a content gold rush right now, and for good reason. Once you understand who your community is, what they like and what issues they care about, tailor your content to them. By using your understanding of your community to tell your business’ story in a lens that they are comfortable looking through you’ll be better positioned to grow your Facebook page.

Grow your Facebook page with quality content

It takes quality content to grow your Facebook page.

One of the key pieces of being successful on Facebook is being consistent with your content and making sure each post you make is engaging. “Likes” used to be a good metric for success on Facebook. That’s not necessarily the case anymore. If you’re like me, you’re still connected to friends from high school or college that you’re not close with anymore. Notice how you rarely (if ever) see their posts nowadays? That’s because when you were seeing their posts, you rarely engaged with them. It’s in Facebook’s best interests to keep users interested in the content coming across their feeds. Their algorithm determines what shows up in news feeds and decreases how often you see content from people and pages you don’t engage with until that traffic dwindles to nothing. The content is still there, it’s just not being seen by those that don’t engage. As a business, if your content is not consistent or engaging, you will start to pile up dead “likes.”

Can you really afford to lose your hard earned (or paid for) user engagement?

Limit Promotional Posts

What you don’t want to do is to continually and only post promotional content. I see too many Facebook pages whose feeds look like this:

  • “40% off our online store, this week only!”
  • “Introducing our new product line!”
  • “We’re proud to announce our new location opening this week!”
  • “Check out our new homepage!”

Social media is wildly different from traditional marketing channels. People aren’t on social media to buy. They’re there to be entertained. I’m not saying that promotions don’t have a place in your strategy to grow your Facebook page, but they have to be implemented in a way that doesn’t seem invasive, non-conversational, or annoying. Try more subtlety, it’ll pay off.

Connect Your Online Presence

This is an easy tip that you should take advantage of: link your entire digital presence to help grow your Facebook page.

Your website should have links to all of your social profiles. Add them to your e-mail signatures as well. If you are running an e-mail marketing campaign, consider sending an e-mail every once in a while reminding your subscribers about your social pages and why they should follow you. If you have a “Thank You” page for sales or form submissions on your site, add social links here too.


Building an audience on social media can be a daunting task. Hopefully some of the pointers in the article will help you grow your Facebook page and get further, faster in your social media journey. Just remember, there are no substitutes for consistency, good content and hard work.

Have questions or comments, or want to share a story about your experience on social media? Comment below, or start a dialogue with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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