SearchFest 2015 Overview: “Marketing Automation: The 40 Hour Asset”

Why it’s important

Wouldn’t it be great if your brand could get in front of your target audience in a highly personalized way? You can achieve that at scale with marketing automation. Marketing automation will not generate a pool of new leads, but if you’re already amassing your own lead list and you’ve established a solid flow of unique and relevant content, then marketing automation software and techniques could elevate your digital marketing efforts to new heights.

What it’s about

With marketing automation it’s all about enhanced user experiences with your brand. Personalized content and messaging centered around individual clients, customers, and prospects leads to increased conversion rates and higher revenue. Should marketing automation be a part of your sales funnel? This course will show you how to leverage marketing automation for increased digital marketing success.

Who presented? And why should you trust them?

John-Henry Sherck, Web Strategist – WP Engine

As a highly valued member of the WP Engine team, John is the leader of web strategy. With a history in link building and a passion for content marketing, John knows how to connect content to consumers; a natural fit for marketing automation.

Want to discover more insights from John? Follow him on Twitter @JHTScherck or on his WP Engine blog.

What you missed from “Marketing Automation: The 40 Hour Asset”

Get content out the door quickly by scraping data, outsourcing the writing and design, and teamwork. As a marketer, it’s important to start with goals before creating content. A strategy and objectives need to be defined based on what you are trying to accomplish and what is the best platform to get that message out there?

G.S.O.T. Framework

  • A goal is a broad primary outcome.
  • A strategy is the approach you take to achieve a goal.
  • An objective is a measurable step you take to achieve a strategy.
  • A tactic is a tool you use in pursuing an objective associated with a strategy.

With a goal in mind you can start to determine how to accomplish that goal. An example goal can be gaining mainstream visibility for your brand. To do this, one strategy would be creating a piece of shareable content. The objective would be to earn mainstream and industry publisher placements. There are numerous tactics that can be utilized including creating a unique data set. Outsource the data to a writer and designer so that you can concentrate on going through the data and making sense of it.

Tools to Help Scrape the Data

  • Screaming Frog: Site info at scale. This tool gives you site information like title, description, headings and more.
  • SEO Tools for Excel: Medium scale and slow. You can scrape any website or service and get the data directly into Excel. Plus much more.
  • Google Docs: Small scale fast. Using Xpath to bring data directly into Google Docs.
  • OutWit Hub: Large scale and a little technical, OutWit Hub explore the web and automatically collects and organizing data.

You will need more than just tools to scrape the data. You need to know what data specifically you are wanting to scrape. Look at the structure of the website and unlock the data. Most websites are built on templates and you can use Chrome Developer Tools to make sense of the structure. Check out what others have done by using Link Prospector and find link building opportunities. Use Talkwalker Alerts to monitor your brand or product mentions.

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